Exercise at Night, Exercise At Morning

Morning or Night Exercise, Which is Healthier?

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Dense activities at school, on campus, or at the office, sometimes make us less time to exercise. At least the time for adults to exercise is 150 minutes in five days or about 30 minutes a day.

Many people suspect that the healthiest exercise is when there is exposure to sunlight in the morning because the body gets vitamin D. Morning air is fresher. But, what if there is no time to exercise in the morning, and all we have is at night?

Exercise can be done anytime according to your schedule. However, if you have specific goals such as weight control, the exercise time can distinguish results.

Exercise in The Morning

Exercise in the morning is suitable for you who have the goal of losing or maintaining weight. Research shows, physical activity in the morning can increase the metabolism of sugar and fat so that it can help control weight.

The results of studies that have been tested on mice and humans show, physical activity in the morning can activate certain genes in muscle cells. As a result, the body’s ability to metabolize or process sugar and fat burning to be better.

Exercise in the morning also helps you to form more consistent exercise habits. For this reason, you should warm up longer because your body temperature is relatively lower in the morning.

Exercise in The Night

Exercise in the night has the benefit of increasing enzyme activity and muscle function. Exercise in the night also helps to relax the body after a day’s work.

In theory, nighttime exercise is more effective for muscle formation. This activity also helps with sleep problems such as insomnia on condition that it is done correctly and the intensity is following the body’s capacity. Because the body will become dehydrated and it will be difficult to sleep if we exercise excessively.

Which is Healthier?

In the end, all will return to the benefits you want to get. Whether it’s night or morning, it depends on you. According to the American Heart Association, ultimately everything will depend on four things:

  • the location
  • time
  • type of exercise
  • social settings, for example, whether you exercise alone or with friends

If you are not a person who can get up early every day, maybe exercising in the afternoon or at night will be better for you.

If you like to exercise alone, then choose a time or place where you can exercise alone. Vice versa.

Exercise will be beneficial if you can do it regularly. Therefore, choose the right time so that you can do it consistently.

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